How Does Failure Lead To Success In Life

How Does Failure Lead To Success In Life

- in True Stories

How Does Failure Lead To Success In Life

No one in history had won two gold medals in this competition before Kerala and it changed the history of the game and at the same time opened people’s eyes. Now go to a loser (failed person) and have a list of excuses. Maybe that’s why I failed in life, that’s why I couldn’t do it, etc. Etc. Go to the other side. A successful person will have a thousand reasons not to do what he wants to do.

There will be only one reason. The real thing is that we want success, but in our own home, in our own bed, and I have never heard or seen in my entire life that a servant has achieved success at home and without hard work. Wake up, wake up from the slumber of negligence, fight, calm down from this world, do your part, there will be millions of troubles from this world, millions of troubles will come, but you have to ignore it and get out, you just have to look at the place where You want to reach your destination.

People will laugh, make fun, make all sorts of accusations, but remember, don’t listen to them, just move towards your destination, and yes, remember. No, you are not doing what people who are laughing at you who are making fun of you. Just remember, don’t listen to them and grow up like a Kerala. Yes, when this guy can stand on the stage and talk, it means he is perfect.

No remember that no guy is perfect. Everyone needs a push. This guy will also sit in front of the stage like you and think that this The servant standing on the stage is perfect. Look, the one who breaks and the one who has tears in his eyes prostrates and the same necklace brings you closer to Allah. When you fail, you know how precious success is. I want to tell my siblings who are afraid of failure and are ashamed of failure. Failure is not a bad thing. Failure makes you human, failure keeps you within limits, failure forces you to learn, repeated failure Designing Your Future There are some things we imprint on our minds that it can’t happen to me.

One day a group of young people was sitting and he asked the young man which animal is brought to the zoo as a child. Some of the young people sitting in the group said monkey, some said lion and some said giraffe. No, elephants are brought in as children. When an elephant is taken to a zoo, its legs are tied with a rope stronger than its strength. It tries to run but it cannot run because it is tied.

Then it grows bigger and the size of the rope. He is also raised one day when he becomes young. But the rope is not untied from his feet but the other end is left open. Then the elephant does not run away. He forgets to run away. Ashfaq Hahib said that some ropes are not tied to his feet and body. Remember, fear is the rope that binds us in the past, suffering, etc., and annoys us, and if we do not save our lives from it, then believe me, it destroys our life. It eats away at our body, like termites. So, my brothers and sisters, make your life a goal from today and work hard day and night to achieve it. Don’t think too much about what anyone else says.

just adopt what puts you on the path to success and do not deviate until There are people who set new goals for themselves every day and say that they have to achieve it. The servant is left empty-handed and he who pursues the same thing succeeds. Work hard, no matter how much you fail, this is the path to your success and one day you will reach your destination.

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