I do not understand anything Where to start

I do not understand anything Where to start

- in True Stories

Where to start I do not understand anything. Where to start. Imthal looked at her husband and fixed her eyes on him for advice. What can i say Arif looked at her a little confused. You can’t run a welfare agency alone. I don’t think any such institution will run without money. Think you need a room or more where people can come and express their concerns. Proverbs said staring. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

Arif looked away from her. I said what I thought. Now you know and your work is like this. Please let me see this deal paper. It’s already two o’clock at night. Arif glanced at the clock. Imthal thought as he looked at the clock. I forgot to put on today’s mask, then she went in front of the mirror and started looking at her face. The face of the 40-year-old proverb was still quite young and beautiful. She smiled at herself. Then she started wearing a mask. In her heart she was thinking about her welfare organization. We did our best to give the poor their due. Goodness is also necessary.

Amna had just put the clothes in the machine when Shizad opened the powder box and threw all the powder on the ground. It was the sound of Sidra running. Look at Shizad. Powder, powder. Amna quit her job and immediately went to the children’s room. Amna looked at Shizad who seemed to be bathed in powder. There was only powder around it. Amna took a deep breath. Sedrah son go and get a broom, I have to clean it. Amna lightly swept Shizad so that the powder accumulated on it would come down. What did you do? Shizad started laughing when he heard Mama’s question. Four-year-old Shizad used to do such deeds every day.

Amna used to treat children with great patience. Seven-year-old Sidra said to Mama, “Mama, don’t leave.” Right now that working aunty will be coming. The powder will clear. Amna smiled and said to Sedrah. Sons don’t put too much burden on anyone. On the Day of Resurrection, every action of ours will be questioned. Both the good and the bad done to someone will come to the fore. Amna said with a smile. No son Allah Almighty is pleased if we do not put more burden on any of His servants than necessary. People whom the Lord has given us authority over, we should do good to them as much as possible. Allah is the most powerful. That is what gives us power. When we have mercy on the weak, the Lord will have mercy on us and does. The powder was clean. Amna started washing clothes.

Imthal scolded Hadi. What is the condition of the room? My God. Hadi said dejectedly. At night when I lost in Ludo, I threw the balls. Then Mehdi lost in Kareem, so he threw the balls. It just goes on and on. Proverbs said angrily. What works Keep your closet doors locked. Zabida will be coming soon. Hadi said with a smile. What treasure in my closet will she take back?

Proverbs said angrily. Even a shirt or a knickers was pressed in the armpit. If you don’t like him so much then why hire him. She washes the clothes. She does the cleaning. She washes the dishes. How could so much work be done with a shirt in the armpit? The shirt will not fall off. Wax you too. Imthal said to Hadi staring. Lock the door of your closet. Do as you are told Where is the Mahdi? Hadi smiled and looked at the washroom.

Zubaida rang the doorbell. As usual, he and his son were standing at the door. He had just given the second bell when Imthal opened the door. Come on Come on Why was Zabida on holiday yesterday? There is no way. I am telling first. If you have another holiday this month, I will remove you. Zubaida said looking down. Yes. Faizan was sucking the button of his shirt like day. Three-year-old Feesan would sit against the wall next to the medicine. Zubeida worked in this house for two hours. Amna’s house. Imthal approached Zabida and said angrily. Zabida came to tell me after cleaning the bathroom today. The day after you left, I went to the washroom. You leave the space under the basin. Washrooms should be perfectly clean. Understood . Zubaida tucked the front and back of her shirt together. I will tell you if I can play. Yes.

Amna had washed her clothes and was cleaning the fans. That Zabida had arrived. Sidra opened the door. Peace be upon you. Amna smiled and said, “Peace be upon you Islam.” Well, why didn’t you come yesterday? Zubeida said making a bad face. My husband was hit by a car yesterday. Amna said sadly. How are you now … Zabida interrupted. Baji is fine but it cost seven hundred rupees. The money they had kept for rent was spent. Amna said consolingly. God will make it better. do not worry. Zubeida said making a rosy look. I don’t know, all suffering is for the poor. When she started cleaning, Amna gave him two hundred rupees and said, “Keep it.” Zubeida looked at Amna with grateful eyes. Which often helped her. God bless you. Zubaida tied two hundred rupees in the corner of her dupatta and left.

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