Schibsted is a Norwegian media company with a diverse range of businesses primarily focused on digital media and marketplaces. It was founded in 1839 and has since evolved into a global corporation.


  1. Digital Media: Schibsted is known for its numerous digital media outlets, including newspapers, classified ad websites, and online marketplaces. Some of its most prominent media brands include Aftonbladet (Sweden’s largest daily newspaper), VG (Norway’s largest newspaper), and Leboncoin (a leading online classifieds platform in France).
  2. Online Classifieds: Schibsted operates several online classified ad platforms, such as (a leading Norwegian classifieds website), (a Swedish classifieds site), and OLX (an international online marketplace).
  3. Marketplaces: Schibsted has a significant presence in online marketplaces. They operate platforms like Shpock (a mobile marketplace), (a Finnish marketplace), and more.
  4. Investments: Schibsted has invested in various technology and digital companies to expand its portfolio. They have been active in supporting and investing in startups in the digital media and marketplace sectors.
  5. International Presence: While Schibsted is based in Norway, it has a substantial international presence. It operates in many countries worldwide, particularly in Europe, with a focus on online marketplaces and classifieds.
  6. Sustainability: Schibsted has shown an interest in sustainability and corporate responsibility. They have made efforts to reduce their environmental footprint and promote responsible business practices.



Here are some more details about Schibsted:

  1. History: Schibsted was founded in 1839 by Christian Michael Schibsted as a publishing company in Oslo, Norway. Over the years, it expanded its operations and ventured into various forms of media.
  2. Digital Transformation: Schibsted went through a significant transformation in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, shifting its focus from traditional print media to digital media and online marketplaces. This strategic shift allowed the company to adapt to changing consumer behavior and technological advancements.
  3. Media Properties: Schibsted’s media properties cover a wide range of news, entertainment, and classified advertising. Some of its well-known media brands include:
    • Aftonbladet (Sweden)
    • VG (Norway)
    • Aftenposten (Norway)
    • Bergens Tidende (Norway)
    • Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)
  4. Classifieds and Marketplaces: Schibsted’s classifieds and marketplace platforms play a significant role in its business. These platforms enable users to buy and sell various goods and services online. Some of the key classifieds and marketplace websites include:
    • (Norway)
    • (Sweden)
    • Leboncoin (France)
    • Milanuncios (Spain)
    • Avito (Russia)
  5. Expansion and Acquisitions: Schibsted expanded its presence internationally through acquisitions and investments in various online classifieds and marketplace businesses. These investments allowed the company to establish a global footprint and diversify its revenue streams.
  6. Digital Growth: Schibsted’s digital growth strategy has been focused on delivering quality content and user experiences while monetizing its digital properties through advertising, subscriptions, and online marketplace transactions.
  7. Sustainability Initiatives: Like many modern corporations, Schibsted has shown a commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. The company has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint, promote diversity and inclusion, and engage in philanthropic efforts.
  8. Ownership Structure: Schibsted has a complex ownership structure with multiple shareholders, including investment funds and individual investors. The company’s stock is publicly traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange.
  9. Corporate Culture: Schibsted has fostered a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, which has been key to its success in the digital age. It encourages employees to explore new ideas and drive innovation in the media and marketplace sectors.
  10. Future Outlook: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Schibsted continued to focus on expanding its digital presence, investing in technology, and further developing its online marketplace and classifieds businesses.

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