The king’s order Of the Day

The king’s order Of the Day

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The king’s order Of the Day

Long ago when kings ruled everywhere, once a king got angry with one of his servant chiefs and expelled him from the court and it was ordered that you stay in your house day and night and you cannot go out or say anything. Can work This was a seemingly trivial order because it is very difficult to stay at home day and night, do nothing and spend free time. Anyway, a man gets nervous while living in the same place and in the same kind of people and then there is more horror. Spending time is doubled, so it was with him. He lay there all day and couldn’t do anything. Sardar was very upset because it was a question of feeding his children. When he doesn’t step out of the house, where will the wife feed the children? ”Coincidentally, a few days later, the king, the minister and the princes were summoned.

When Sardar understood a trick, his eyes sparkled. He sent his wife to the neighborhood to fetch a precious pair. She brought a precious pair from the neighborhood. The chief quickly put on the precious pair of manga and left the house and walked proudly to the royal court. The courtier thought that there was an honorable guest and took him and sat him on a chair with other great people.

Sardar stiffened his neck and sat down on the chair. The court began. All the ceremonies of the celebration were performed and after that high quality food was placed on the table. The chief also stretched out his hand and ate the food with great reluctance. Then he cleverly hid a gold plate in his clothes and as soon as the court was over, it was nine-eleven. ۔ Then his wife would go to the market and cut a piece of gold plate and sell it to get some money.

Thus the Sardar’s life began to pass smoothly and the trouble was removed. On the other hand, the servants of the court saw that a gold plate was missing, so the poor people became very nervous and started running here and there to find the plate. The king saw their condition and said, “Why are you all upset?” I know that the gold plate has disappeared and you will not find it now. I also know who stole the plate. The next year there was another celebration and the court was filled with guests. Guests were served food at the end of the celebration. Sardar was also present on the occasion.

After eating, he saved his eyesight and with great satisfaction hid a gold plate in his clothes. When the court was over, the guests started to leave and the Sardar also started coming out of the palace gate when suddenly the king came forward. When he saw the king, he was very sad and looked around in panic. The king reached out and took her by the hand and said, “Last year’s plate is gone. Do you want to take another plate?”

As soon as the chief heard this, he lost consciousness and began to tremble with fear. Eventually I fell at the king’s feet and said, “I was locked up in my house in obedience to the Holy Prophet’s order. I was upset and distressed for many months. Eventually, he was forced to make this strange move. Forgive me sir The king thought for a while and then said, “Well, we forgave you and restored your job.” It was our fault. We had given the order that a man would be forced to steal out of hunger and hardship. If we had not imprisoned you at home, you would probably never have done such a thing. Go! Don’t do that now, theft is a bad thing anyway. Both the king and the chief made a mistake. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. It is said that the chief never stole again and the king never punished anyone like that.

Readers, even today, there are big thieves like thieves who steal shoes from mosques and thieves who steal shoes and thieves who steal fans. Remember that stealing is a very bad habit when a man sees that My valuables have been stolen, so he is in dire straits, and the man wonders what to do now, where to get what he needs, and his faith is damaged when a thief is caught. There is humiliation and sometimes people get together and make the condition of the thief worse by beating him and according to Islam the punishment of the thief is to cut off the hand and the hand of the thief is cut off. Allah Almighty enforces Islam in Pakistan too. Encourage them to do so and let such rulers come to power who continue jihad and enforce Islam and extend the limits of Allah because where the limits of Allah are extended.

And Islam is enforced there, good blessings are sent down from Allah Almighty and people start living a prosperous life. Above all, people start worshiping Allah by repenting from polytheism and innovation and worshiping other than Allah. Therefore, Allah has revealed Islam that people should make worship of Allah their motto and they should become accustomed to obedience to Allah. In a sense, stealing people’s property is also a bad habit and good people always They give up bad habits and adopt good habits because Allah has commanded the Muslims of the world to enjoin good and forbid evil and to fight in the way of Allah as in this world. Jihad is being opposed due to which people are drifting away from the religion of Allah. We will live like this in this world, but we should not be a victim of Allah’s punishment in the Hereafter.

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