The unique story of Fake Monday

The unique story of Fake Monday

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The unique story of Fake Monday

He used to go to his disciple every week to have a feast. Muridni felt bad about this. One day Muridni said to her husband, “How is your foot? Azan is heard, but Pirji does not get time from his stomach. Do you ever ask him if he also prays?”
Mureed Sahib thought this was reasonable and went to Pirji and told him.
Pir Ji took a deep breath and pretended that there is no one like us in this country, so we do not offer prayers here, we offer prayers in Madinah. The disciple said, “I can understand.”
But my wife will not agree.
Pirji said, “Tell him that I am a non-prayer from the outside and a worshiper from the inside.”
I keep mentioning it all day. Muridni found this answer a bit strange but could not say anything.
On the other hand, the countdown of Pir Ji’s days began. Pir Ji made a plan to captivate the heart of Muridani. He told some disciples to go to a ruined house five miles away from here and set fire to this house at some point and Extinguish the fire exactly five minutes later.
So the extortion was presented in front of Pir. Suddenly Pir Ji started saying Pani Pani. Murid Ji ran and brought a glass of water. Pir Ji said that it is not the job of a glass. Fill the buckets and bring it quickly.

So when the buckets were brought, Pir Ji started pouring those buckets on the ground. After a while, he sat down calmly.

Pirji said a house five miles away had caught fire and was being put out.
Mureed ji said Subhan Allah and said to his wife on Monday, “You doubt my feet. Look at the miracle of my feet. Mureedni ji did research. It was really true. Mureedni also got bored of cooking so many people Was

Finally, he cooked halwa once and did not add any sugar. Muridji took Halwa Sharif to Pir and Muridni started washing clothes.
When Pir Ji tested Halwa, he was dull. He asked Mureed for sugar.

Muridni has thrown. Maybe he is dull from one place. Eat from the other side. See. Pir ji also tested from the other side. It was the same situation. Now Muridji got angry about this. Then what happened? The wife was also waiting for the same time.
The wife picked up the stick and leaned towards Pirji. Pirji asked what was the matter.
False bastard, you found the burning house five miles away, but you couldn’t find the sugar under the halo lying in front of you. Run away. If you see it here next time, I will beat you up from the whole neighborhood.
Poor Pir’s eyes widened at Muridni’s cunning.
Pirji put the handkerchief on his shoulder and hung his face like a defeated general. From there, he started getting dizzy. Muridni told his son to tell Pirji to go and bless my buffalo as he left. Pirji was ashamed.

When they reached the buffalo to blow the banana, they were shocked. Is this the donkey? Where is the buffalo, son?
Amy said to her son, “Look, it’s a donkey, but it’s a buffalo from the inside.” When the boy heard this strange thing on Monday, he said with red eyes, “You’re crazy.” Are you ??

Muridni ji said that if you can pray from inside then can’t a donkey become a buffalo from inside ??? Pir ji.

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