The worst of the worst Part 1

The worst of the worst Part 1

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The worst of the worst Part 1

The star was not only beautiful but also artistic. Everyone’s eyes would stop when they reached him, but his eyes were only on the books. When Kashf came to him to understand math questions, his brother Aftab was with him. Aftab had finished his BA exam. When Sitara and Kashf started reading, Kashf said in a slightly bitter tone, “Dude, my brother, he doesn’t have any business either, so my mother put it on my head.” He himself has passed away and gives me such lectures as if he himself has taken a position in matriculation. The star said with a smile. There is no one to give thanks.

Kashf nodded. If you find such a consultant, she would ask. He would still be standing on the street corner watching the girls. When I go downstairs, he will tell me to put the blanket forward. Here are my acquaintances. The star smiled again.

The witness is really someone who knows him. Don’t think negatively about everything.
It is also possible that he is not standing on the street corner. Let’s see your question. We have done it three times, why don’t you understand. Suddenly the bell rang and Kashf said! Let’s see from the star wall who has come to your house. Sitara nodded and said, “Abu Hain, he was seen. Anyway, it is not a good thing to look down from the roof.” Kashf said smiling. Hey, you don’t see good or bad in everything.

Let’s see Unwillingly, the star rose with the revelation. The sun was standing down. Why is it ringing? Who is this? The star looked at Kashf. This is the thing of the month, my elder brother.
The star smiled. Aftab looked up and just stared. The star immediately fell behind, but the sun’s face rose. Sitara’s father opened the door. Aftab introduced himself as Kashf’s brother. Sitara’s father called out to Sitara, then the helpless Aftab looked up again. He said star in his heart.

Sitara and Kashf had come down from the roof. Kashf and Sitara were about to take matriculation exams. Kashf used to come to Sitara’s house to prepare for this. Holidays were given for the exam. The star was always in position. He still wanted to take the position.

Aftab asked Kashf, “Why were you and your friend peeking from the roof?” Come here to read. Kashf remained silent. By the way, what were you guys talking about? Aftab asked in a buying manner. Kashf, who knew his brother well, smiled. Your lentils will not be swallowed here, brother. If the star does not lay good grass, then what are you? Aftab felt that his theft had been caught. “I don’t even eat grass,” he muttered. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Kashf stared at the sun.

Aftab said as soon as he came home. Amy, she arrives every day at her friend Sitara’s house. She never comes. Let this theater do it somewhere. I don’t know if these people read or not. When I went today, she and her friend were peeking from the roof. Her friend was laughing when she saw me.

Aftab’s mother immediately said what? You go there to study or to peek from the rooftops. Kashf wanted to say something in his defense but Aftab took a bite again. Amy, I don’t think these people will study there. The way the girl was laughing at me, I think these people spend time there. If you want to read it, ask him to call the star here and then you can keep an eye on him.

Otherwise, I don’t know … Aftab had deliberately left the sentence incomplete.
Kashf said angrily. Why did she come here? Aftab also responded in Turkish. Whatever you go there for, that is why she will come here. Kashf said, “This wish of yours has not been fulfilled in this world.” I have to understand the questions. So I go to him. I don’t need it understood .

To Be Continued…..

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