The worst of the worst Part II

The worst of the worst Part II

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The worst of the worst Part II

Kashf’s mother said looking at the sun. That’s right. If it is a star, then Laiq had the same position last time. Aftab said in a worried tone. Good mom As soon as he went to his room, he fell on the bed. I started thinking in my heart. Wow what a girl Star Really. It is a star. I wish we could talk to him. If you laugh at me, it can happen. Seeing me, but why did you back off? What if I could see for a while? Not even these girls. Wants to be like us, but, let’s not talk.
Aftab was getting ready the next day to leave Kashf. Seeing his preparation, Kashf was laughing in his heart. She knew exactly what the sun was on. But she remained silent. When the doorbell rang, Sitara’s father opened the door. Kashf went inside and Aftab stood at the door. Sometimes he would see the door, sometimes the roof. Waking up with his back to the wall, he began to dream.

As soon as Kashf saw the star, he said, “If I tell you one thing, I will not consider it bad.” And will not be angry. Sitara looked away from the question and looked at Kashf. This is the problem, man, don’t talk here and there. Look, you have made a mistake in three places. I will see. First of all, what should I do about what is jumping in my stomach? Sitara closed the copy with a pencil in her hand and smiled. Ok come on Listen to you Say it!
My brother went crazy yesterday seeing you.

He who bathes only on Fridays in the week, has come today after bathing and applying perfume that Shahid you saw him again. Sitara looked at Kashf angrily and said what nonsense. Say anything Kashf pleaded, “Look, I’m not angry.” I am telling you what happened. Sitara then said angrily, “Look, Kashf Dosti has its place in the examination for twelve days.” Only come if you have to study. I don’t have time for nonsense. you know. Well me I don’t mean all that. Abu said that if my position came, he would admit me to a good college.
Kashf said looking down. Sorry dude I am. The star looked at him again. You are my only friend, I want to be with you in college. So prepare well for the exam. Stop being interested in my brother’s activities. Understood. It is very wrong to be interested in when, why and for what reason one takes a bath. You don’t think you look at your brother too much. Kashf said embarrassed. I’ll take care of you next time, please don’t mind.

To Be Continued…..


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