The worst of the worst Part III

The worst of the worst Part III

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The worst of the worst Part III

The papers were over, Sitara had the first position in the whole city while Kashf had failed in mathematics. He did not intend to continue reading. She would sometimes go to his house to see the star. Sitara’s first year papers were being prepared and Kashf’s wedding date was fixed. She came to invite the star. When Sitara saw the history, she smiled. I will come In the hustle and bustle of the wedding, Sitara came with her mother. On the day of Mahindi, there was a lot of excitement in the house. Sitara was sitting with Kashf.

Every relative of Kashf would say as soon as he saw the star. The bride’s friend is dearer than the bride. Sitara’s mother gestured to Sitara and said softly. Where have these people kept the water? Sitara wondered why Nami had to fetch water from the kitchen. She was going to the kitchen to fetch water when she saw Aftab coming from the front.

He stood right in front of her and was surprised. There were chairs all over the courtyard on which many women were sitting for their children. Sitara immediately looked around. Then she felt that no one was paying attention to her in this hustle and bustle. Except the sun. The star said softly. Brother, give way. Aftab said smiling. I also want to say that give way. The star said softly. Yes what do you mean Aftab stepped forward and grabbed her wrist bangles. The way to the heart. The star stared at him angrily. What is this rudeness? Aftab immediately released his wrist. When he left, the star came to life. Instead of going to the kitchen, she returned to her mother and said in a low voice. Amy goes home.
Yes, his mother did not listen to him because of the noise, so he repeated his words again. This time her mother was trying very hard to understand her words. She came home with her mother without meeting Kashf. He could not sleep all night because of this incident. He was also angry in his heart about how he got courage. There should have been a slap. She fell asleep thinking for a long time.

Two months had passed. One day when Sitara came back from college, Aftab’s parents were sitting at her house. When he asked my mother why he was coming, she said angrily. You are asking me this, you know everything. The star did not understand. They were gone after a while. Sitara then asked her mother and she said in a very bitter tone. I sent you to college for the same day. Star for the same day. You bowed our heads in shame. What a shame What I have done?

Her father came to the room. He slapped the star in the face and said, “What have you done?” Let us tell you now. You are ready to run away with the sun. The star’s eyes widened in surprise. Her father says that they also did not agree to this relationship but Aftab has said that if you do not get married within two months then you got married in court. I will never marry you. You go to court. Understood .

Sitara was looking at her parents in amazement. But Abu, my mother doesn’t like him. I never even talked to him. Her father slapped her again. Now you have learned to lie. He has taught you this trick. Sitara put her hand over her mouth and cried. Why don’t you trust me His father handed him his mobile phone and said, “Look what you haven’t said to him.” To stand in front of the sun on the day of henna.

To talk To smile Wrist grip There was a purpose to everything. In the video, Sitara’s lips moved to speak, but what she said, it was not in the record. In the record, just looking at the sun and looking around it. The smile of the sun. Say something about it The smile of the sun. Holding the sun’s wrist. Then he had to say something and let go of Aftab’s wrist.
Aftab’s parents giving a video. Depressed, he said that today’s children make their own decisions. The star was watching the video in a state of shock. Her father had left the room. Amy. Amy Sitara said holding her mother’s shoulder. I didn’t do anything like that. Swear mom It’s all a conspiracy. Amy. I don’t want to marry this crook. The star was crying like a child. Her mother left the crying star in the room and went to another room with her father.

To Be Continued…..

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