The worst of the worst Part IV

The worst of the worst Part IV

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The worst of the worst Part IV

The star says it has nothing to do with it. We must not be in a hurry. Sitara’s father said what should be done? We must try to find out the truth. If the star does not want to marry him. We have only one daughter. Her father wiped away her tears and said. Go call the star. Sitara was sitting in the room while her father was standing on her head. Say what you want to say
Sitara said in a low voice Abu. The only mistake I made was going to Kashf’s wedding. My mother asked me for water. I was about to go to the kitchen when the evil one came and stood in front of me. I looked around. Then ask him for directions. I didn’t know he was making this video from anyone.

Sitara’s father said after some thought. Think star. We are thinking Marry you and her.

Sitara said crying. You know I love being a doctor. I curse him. If you are telling the truth, then see what I do to him. If he is caught by the police, he will straighten up. Think again Sitara said crying. Abu trust me. I have nothing to do with anyone.

Sitara’s father put his hand on her head and said. Ok you go Sitara’s father reported Aftab to the police station and also watched the video. Their acquaintance made their job easier. Aftab was locked up for two days. Well beaten By the time he got out of the lockup, his body was back. Far from it, he did not look up to his sisters.

Aftab’s friends with whom he used to enjoy talking nonsense and nonsense to the girls. When they came to meet him, he refused to go with them. He asked her to rejoin him. After two days of police beatings, he smiled and recited a poem from a book in his hand.

The way to repent in youth is to be a pious person in old age
The translation of which he described as follows. Repentance in youth is the way of the Prophets, and in old age when the tyrant cannot hunt vultures, he says that I have become pious. I will not hunt anymore.
Aftab’s friends had left mocking him. He was thinking in his heart that some of our sins are committed to cleanse us. The effect of the police beating on Aftab is that if most of the youths are punished, it will have the opposite effect on them.

Someone said about Aftab that the idols of Lats do not believe in words. So someone called him a coward. But the truth is that our society criticizes the sinner who repents more than the sinner. When Aftab stayed at home for two weeks after being beaten by the police and apologized to Sitara’s father and mentioned his change, he slapped him hard on the face and said that Barkhordar has now come to make a new video. ۔ Get out of here. He put his hand over his mouth and came back with tears in his eyes.

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