Unacademy is an Indian online learning platform that provides educational content and courses across a wide range of subjects and competitive exams. Founded in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh, Unacademy has quickly grown to become one of the largest and most popular online learning platforms in India. Here are some key details about Unacademy:

1. Educational Content and Courses:

  • Unacademy offers a vast array of courses and educational content, including live classes, recorded video lessons, quizzes, and practice tests.
  • The platform covers a diverse range of subjects, including school curriculum topics, competitive exams, college admissions, and skill development courses.

2. Competitive Exam Preparation:

  • Unacademy is known for its extensive preparation courses for various competitive exams in India. These include UPSC Civil Services Examination, IIT-JEE, NEET, SSC CGL, and many others.
  • The platform provides lessons, study materials, and test series tailored to help students excel in these competitive exams.

3. Educator Network:

  • Unacademy has a network of educators who are subject matter experts and experienced teachers. These educators conduct live classes, create video lessons, and provide personalized guidance to students.
  • Many of the educators on Unacademy are individuals who have excelled in their respective fields and are renowned for their teaching skills.

4. Live Interactive Classes:

  • One of Unacademy’s distinguishing features is its live interactive classes. Students can attend these classes in real-time, ask questions, and interact with educators.
  • These live classes aim to provide a classroom-like learning experience in an online environment.

5. Subscription Model:

  • Unacademy operates on a subscription-based model. Students can subscribe to various courses or educators’ classes based on their learning needs.
  • Subscribers gain access to premium content, live classes, and other features.

6. Growth and Funding:

  • Unacademy has experienced significant growth since its inception. It has attracted substantial funding from investors and venture capital firms, reflecting its potential in the online education sector.
  • The platform has also made strategic acquisitions to expand its offerings and reach.

7. User Base:

  • Unacademy has a wide user base, including students preparing for exams, professionals seeking skill development, and learners of all age groups.
  • The platform caters to a diverse audience by offering courses in multiple languages.

8. Impact and Recognition:

  • Unacademy has been recognized for its impact on education and innovation. It has won awards and accolades for its contributions to online learning in India.

9. Community and Social Learning:

  • Unacademy fosters a sense of community among learners. Users can discuss topics, ask questions, and engage in peer-to-peer learning through the platform.

Unacademy has played a significant role in democratizing education in India by making high-quality educational content and expert instruction accessible to a wide audience. It has become an integral part of the online education ecosystem in the country, helping students and learners achieve their academic and career goals.


Unacademy’s history is marked by rapid growth and evolution since its founding in 2015. Here is a detailed overview of the company’s history:

Founding and Early Years (2015):

  • Unacademy was founded in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh. Gaurav Munjal is the CEO of the company.
  • The founders aimed to create an online learning platform that would provide high-quality educational content and live classes to students and learners in India.

Initial Focus on Educational YouTube Channels (2015-2016):

  • In its early days, Unacademy primarily operated as a YouTube channel where educators would upload video lessons on various subjects, including preparation for competitive exams like UPSC, IIT-JEE, and NEET.
  • The platform gained popularity on YouTube and attracted a dedicated following.

Introduction of the Unacademy Learning App (2016):

  • In 2016, Unacademy introduced its dedicated mobile learning app, which allowed learners to access educational content and live classes on their smartphones.
  • The app provided a more structured and interactive learning experience compared to YouTube.

Expansion and Funding (2017-2018):

  • Unacademy experienced rapid growth and attracted significant investments from venture capital firms. It raised funding rounds to fuel its expansion.
  • The company expanded its offerings to cover a wider range of competitive exams, including banking, SSC, and state-level exams.
  • Educators from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise began joining the platform to offer their courses and expertise.

Launch of Plus Subscription Model (2018):

  • In 2018, Unacademy introduced its subscription-based Plus platform, offering premium courses and live classes for subscribers.
  • The subscription model provided additional revenue streams for the platform and allowed users to access more exclusive content.

Acquisitions and Partnerships (2019-2020):

  • Unacademy made strategic acquisitions to expand its presence and offerings. Notable acquisitions included PrepLadder, a medical entrance exam preparation platform.
  • The company also partnered with prominent educators and institutes to offer specialized courses.

Unacademy’s Growth as a Unicorn (2020-2021):

  • Unacademy achieved unicorn status in 2020, signifying its valuation at over $1 billion. The company’s valuation continued to rise as it garnered more users and investment.

Diverse Content and Languages (Ongoing):

  • Unacademy diversified its content to cover a wide array of subjects and languages, making learning accessible to a broader audience.
  • The platform offers courses in multiple regional languages to cater to learners from different parts of India.

Community and Social Learning (Ongoing):

  • Unacademy fosters a sense of community among learners through discussion forums, interactive sessions, and peer-to-peer learning.
  • The platform encourages interaction between educators and students, creating an engaging learning environment.

Unacademy’s history is characterized by its innovative approach to online education in India. It has grown from a YouTube channel to a comprehensive online learning platform that serves millions of learners across the country. Its commitment to providing quality education and its ability to adapt to evolving educational needs have made it a significant player in the Indian edtech industry.

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